A Love Voyage // Styled Shoot by Lawrence

I am a sailor, you’re my first mate
We signed on together, we coupled our fate
Hauled up our anchor, determined not to fail
For the hearts treasure, together we set sail

With no maps to guide us we steered our own course
Rode out the storms when the winds were gale force
Sat out the doldrums in patience and hope
Working together we learned how to cope

Life is an ocean and love is a boat
In troubled water that keeps us afloat
When we started the voyage, there was just me and you
Now gathered round us, we have our own crew

Together we’re in this relationship
We built it with care to last the whole trip
Our true destination’s not marked on any charts
We’re navigating to the shores of the heart

Organizer: Aiido
Photography: UnderTheStars
Assistant: Juanmoley Fotologue
Videography: Viva Motion
Stylist: 8dec
Bridal Studio: BQueens
Florist: Lavender Love Florist
Yachts: Bob Marine Singapore
Make Up Artist: Shirley Damian

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