Naoki + Valerie // Solemnization by Lawrence


Celebrating Naoki + Valerie

Valerie is a friend. And photographing a friend’s solemnization is nothing like anything comparing to how I shoot for my other couples. Inadvertently, there’s this pressure of shooting well, so not to disappoint her (or end up losing our personal relationship), thus more hard work. In spite of that, I’m actually enjoying and immersing myself to the joyous spirits and love around the unification.

Naoki and Valerie’s solemnization has been special, small and intimate, graced by family members and close friends. Naoki is special, a shy Japanese and a man of few words. And Valerie, too, is special in the heart of Naoki. There is one more thing that is very special and unique and that’s the solemnization dress. It was specially designed by Valerie’s close friend. One of a kind, this piece of elegant short dress was inspired from the Japanese Kimono. When Valerie slipped it in, she was simply kawaii!

Congratulations, Naoki and Valerie. When I look back at the pictures, they fill me up with warmth and love, and I hope when you guys look at them, they will give you the same emotions that I felt. These are the indistinguishable feelings which I felt from the both of you.

Wedding photography by UnderTheStars

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