Eric + Carole // National Gallery Singapore


Pre-Wedding Photography by Lawrence

pre-wedding photography national gallery

This post is the first of the three-part series. It is like a mini-series, not overloaded with tonnes of pictures and then slowed down the loading in the process. With fewer pictures, I feel that one can slowly take their time to admire the craft and the beauty within the images, which the couple and myself had spent so much effort trying to create. Moreover, I categorized the post by the location that we shot in. In this manner, my prospects or even other photographers can easily search and reference these pictures when they want to use that location for their shoot too.

Back to the couple, Eric and Carole brought our photoshoot to the National Gallery Singapore. Although a permit and fees are needed to book the place for a shoot, I truly think that the fees are worth it. National Gallery Singapore’s monumental buildings create a stunning backdrop for timeless and retro vibes.

This wasn’t supposed to be the first location for our shoot. But a heavy thunderstorm in the early morning had us change our plan. A typical day for photoshoots, it is either sunshine or heavy rain in Singapore. Thinking on my feet, I quickly shuffled our timing and locations around, and made this day’s shoot possible.

On my first meeting with Carole, we hit off really well. Like an old friend. But the kinds of stuff we talked about are more on the serious side. She is a tutor and being a dad, I spent a great deal of time coaching my kids’ primary school works, especially during their PSLE year. So you can imagine the things we talked about. Haha!

Eric, on the other hand, is a humourous guy. With him around, laughter broke out more often than not. As a result, my job just got so much easier. Carole was smiling and laughing all the time. It was a full-day shoot, but with Eric and his light-hearted moments, we simple breezed through the day without anyone complaining tired.

Sincerely, I think Eric and Carole make an amazing couple together!

Pre-wedding photography by UnderTheStars Photography
Gowns and suits by Bqueens Wedding
Makeup and hairstyling by Joyce Yeo Makeup
Photography venue at National Gallery Singapore

pre-wedding photography national gallery

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