5 Moments to Savour From Your Pre-wedding Shoot

“Nothing is permanently perfect. But there are perfect moments.”

I recently had a chance to catch up with a long-lost old friend. As we sat down to brainstorm over a family photoshoot I will be doing for her, she told me she wished there was someone to have brought her through the details of what to expect when she was preparing for her pre-wedding shoot back then.

It got me thinking.

A pre-wedding shoot is often the first product in a series of events when a couple weds. It often makes the iconic print that greets guests on your big day. It is the photo that hangs over the bed frame of your first house. Most importantly, it is made up of the moments you want to remember the new chapter of your relationship by. And nothing should take that away from the photoshoot.

In my 11 years of being a professional photographer for wedding couples, I have had the honour of capturing these special moments for many couples. Today, I share some of my favourite moments I have enjoyed snapping and some quick tips for anyone getting ready for a pre-wedding shoot.


  1. Being proposed to again at Upper Seletar Reservoir
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    While couples may have their preferences in having a private or public proposal, I often recommend them to immortalise the moment on print. The best way to capture this moment is to make it as iconic as possible such as this photo shot at the popular Upper Seletar Reservoir. The serenity of the greenery and calm of water by the now-recognisable tree by many, is the perfect setting for such a frame as the couple stands out.

    Tip: Shake things up a little like using a diamond ring balloon for a little cheekiness. Couples often laugh as they do a shot like this, most probably from their private memory of the proposal, making this moment something more precious for them to remember. The white of the wedding dress really stands out in this setting so prepare one such option.


  3. Embrace in the rustic backyard of Upper Peirce Reservoir
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    Upper Pierce Reservoir is an incredibly romantic setting for a pre-wedding photoshoot. The lush greenery is reflected in the waters set against the woodness of the tree trunks and ground, making the entire place rustic picturesque. The cone shape and low branches of the beautiful Casuarina trees that line the waters also naturally frame the photos while the couple take a quiet moment to embrace. I often encourage couples to chat with their other half as they take the shots, which lends to natural-looking photos.

    Tip: It is not often we can find a spot that a cool enough in Singapore. Upper Pierce Reservoir provides lots of shade during a hot day because of all the trees so you can set your minds at ease with this knowledge. To match the rustic vibe of the spot, a wedding dress with vintage-inspired details like lace is recommended.


  5. Laying side by side in the golden hour at Tuas South Avenue 5
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    Tuas is stunning during the golden hour, with the setting sun that flood the field with golden rays. The large and flat fields of lalang and grass makes it easy for us to get creative with the types of photos and poses we want. The lalang grasses, which sway ever so slightly with the wind, also lends a softness to the photos. Come evening, the natural light drenches the entire field, adding to the dreamy mood as you lay side by side. After all, there is nothing better than having someone you love by your side right?

    Tip: Being secluded has its own cons, this spot is hard to get to and impossible to travel without a car. So prepare one big enough to store your changes of clothes or even for an “air-con break” while shooting! Prepare to be there till sunset so you can catch the dazzling twilight that makes for breath-taking shots.


  7. Lean on me at Bukit Timah Saddle Club
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    Often, couples request for locations that look completely unlike Singapore. Bukit Timah Saddle Club, with its hilly terrain, is one such spot. Because the location is bare, I like to capture couples in motion against the clean lines of the terrain. It can be a simple act of the bride leaning on the groom, a light touch of the hand on the waist or a slight tilt of the head, to make a beautiful shot here. I like that it symbolically reminds us that marriage is not always made of the big events, but simple moments at times.

    Tip: This location is really unique compared to any other venues. You can even shoot together with a horse but be sure to make arrangements in advance as you will have to pay for this service.


  9. Take a walk to remember at Changi Point Coastal Walk
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    This is by far one of my favourite place for a photoshoot because of the interesting landscape. During low-tide, the rock formation by the sea is visible and makes for good photos because of its shape. Changi Point Coastal Walk has loads of browns in its setting with specks of green, giving it an edge with a raw vibe. You can continue onto the wooden boardwalk for a flatter ground, but no less interesting because of its shape. The venue lets you take the first few steps of marriage together!

    Tip: Because it is a seaside setting, bringing flat shoes for this venue is necessary for you to climb onto the rocks. A long wedding dress helps to cover your feet so the photo is not made less formal. To bring out the organic rawness of this setting, picking a wedding dress in nude tones as well as a matching hair accessory instead of a veil can really add to the mood.

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