I am PASSIONATE about my ART and photography

I get excited by the thought of my couples sitting down in twenty or fifty years time and bringing out their wedding album. Maybe with children, maybe even grandchildren. Memories have faded and the details are a little hazy but gradually it all comes flooding back, and they relive every single emotion. I don’t just want you to remember who was there and what you looked like, I want you to remember all of the little fleeting moments of love, laughter, tears and joy that made your wedding day the best day of your life.

My approach to wedding photography is a blend. I combine the beauty of fine art photography, the timelessness of still life, and the grace of portraiture. My style reflects whimsy and heartfelt emotions and captures candid or spontaneous pictures of people, decor and action. This synergy allows me to create everlasting imagery that truly encapsulates beautiful moments in time.

I am a lifestyle photographer who absolutely loves his job and everything that comes with it.

My name is Lawrence. I’m the chief photographer and founder of UnderTheStars Photography.

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