Gordon + Suan // Lei Garden


Wedding Photography by Lawrence

When you think of wedding photography nowadays, what springs to your mind would be all young and adventurous, with a conceptualized theme and styled venue, youthful maidens with loose flowing hair, bearded hipster grooms and fairy lights… and the list could go on and on.

But do you ever think about the couple, in their fifties (or older), possibly with grown children of their own, who have found that someone special to love for a second time? The love is just as real, perhaps even more profound and grounded, with a calmness that comes with experience and wisdom.

When Suan and Gordon contacted me one fine morning from California, they told me this wedding of theirs will be unlike any weddings that I ever took. I know every wedding is unique and special in its own ways and so I didn’t really think much of what they said. I was just looking forward to meeting them on their wedding day, yet feeling jittery whenever I didn’t meet the couple prior to their wedding. A bit of nervousness is always good, it keeps my senses sharp and my eyes keen to surrounding details.

The wedding day came and I was greeted by Suan in high spirits at her parents’ home. It was then their words dawned on me and it was indeed this wedding would be different from those that I took before.

Gordon arrived with his two handsome sons, both grown up, in the bridal car. Whilst Gordon had distinguishable grey hairs, I would say he look really good for his age; trimmed physique and radiant skin. Ah, a charismatic groom.

Gordon and Suan had their marriage vows back in the States but returned to Singapore to hold a Chinese-styled wedding for Suan’s ageing parents. It was a simple affair with twenty-thirty family members joining in the celebration. And I truly felt that this wedding, the one between Gordon and Suan was a deep connection, an oneness that was purely about them, not the decorations, the dress or anything. Just them in love.

It’s never too late for love.

Wedding photography by UnderTheStars Photography
Makeup and hairstyling by Elaine Ting
Photography venue at Gardens by the Bay
Dinner venue at Lei Garden Restaurant, Chijmes

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