Wedding Inspiration (Part 1) // Urban Chic

Styled Photography by Lawrence

singapore wedding prewedding photographer

singapore wedding prewedding photographer

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So for the next three posts, I will feature a styled shoot I did late last year. Collaborated with the amazing teams from Louvre Bridal and Ana Hana Flower, together we created this series of beautiful images that I would like to share with all the wedding couples out there.

We love wedding dresses, they make you look like a princess and set a feminine, romantic tone for your wedding. However, if you are looking for something cool and unconventional, a bridal pantsuit is an alternative to consider. There’s absolutely nothing wrong with the classic A-frame wedding gown, but as weddings continue to take on new forms and traditions evolve, more people are choosing to skip the gowns for bridal pantsuits, tailored rompers and versatile two-piece sets that bring an entirely different vibe to the day. A chic pantsuit can look just as incredible as any dress, and it definitely brings out your individual style.

That is why for the first part of the series, we had Denise, wearing a bridal pantsuit, frolicking with her beau. Ever so carefree and relaxed. Later on, we added a detachable organza train to add the finishing touch to a delicate and ladylike look. How neat is that!

singapore wedding prewedding photographer

For a complete one-of-a-kind styling, we had chosen a multi-storey car park and that served as the ideal location to bring urban chic flare to life. We couldn’t resist the edgy, fashion-forward vibes that the MSCP offers. Urban chic styling is cosmopolitan, modern, minimalist design at its best. Hence, I felt that the car park’s plain walls and gritty concrete floors are just what we need to feature together with the bridal pantsuit.

Last but not least, held in Denise’s hands was a dried and preserved bridal bouquet. Talk about uniqueness, this is it. In the past, dried flowers were perceived as not being as vibrant as their fresh-cut counterparts, but that’s all changing. The biggest upside of selecting preserved flowers; There is no need to worry about them wilting on your wedding day. Plus, you can cherish them long after the big day has come and gone.

Photography by UnderTheStars Photography
Makeup and hairstyling by Elaine Soo (Louvre Bridal)
Bridal gowns by Louvre Bridal
Flowers by Ana Hana Flower

singapore wedding prewedding photographer

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