Lennard + Terri // Monti

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Wedding Photography by Lawrence

wedding photography monti

April has been a great month since the Government announced the easing of our community SMM (Safe Management Measures) and border restrictions. With that, we can have larger weddings and bigger groups for photo-taking. The best part, at least for me, is that I can do without the mask while shooting outdoors because my camera viewfinder always fogged up when my mask is on. What a relief!

Vienna of Giorgia Couture referred Lennard and Terri to me and they took up my photography service instantly without meeting me, neither physically in person nor via a Zoom session. I can so get used to this new norm of not having a physical meeting, but of course, I always encourage to meet up or at least make a call to break down any awkwardness or icy barrier that we might have during the actual day. So far in these two pandemic years, all my wedding couples that I have met are so warm and friendly, and I am really grateful to have them as my clients.

Lennard and Terri are also one of the nicest couples that I have ever met. Not only that they ensured that I was well-fed amidst their busy evening, but they also thanked me during their thank you speech. How many couples would thank their vendors in their speech? Not many really.

And best of all, Terri, the bride gifted me an exquisitely handcrafted brass trinket dish made with love. It is beautiful. Check out her other delightful creations at her website CreationsByThee.

Wedding photography by UnderTheStars Photography
Makeup and hairstyling by Anastasia (Autelier Makeup)
Wedding gowns by Giorgia Couture

Bridal preparation at Fullerton Bay Hotel
Dinner banquet at Monti

wedding photography monti

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