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herStyled Photography by Lawrence

singapore wedding prewedding photographer

singapore wedding prewedding photographer

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This is the second post of the series. If you missed out on the first one, you can hop on to the post in which we shared the photoshoot that was shot in a multi-storey car park.

These three posts feature a styled shoot I did late last year. Collaborated with the amazing teams from Louvre Bridal and Ana Hana Flower, together we created this series of beautiful images that I would like to share with all the wedding couples out there.

Nothing makes me happier than couples who want to take their prewedding photos at home. Not going after epic “instagrammable” backdrops, but going to places of significance. I think the reason for that is, of course, it takes the pressure off of all of us. Pressure off of finding a place, scouting locations, and putting the energy into shooting somewhere that they feel so relaxed and still look great in photos. In-home sessions can be a great way to immediately give a sense of comfort to the couple being photographed, as it’s happening on “their turf”.

singapore wedding prewedding photographer

Ten Reasons for Doing a Prewedding Photoshoot at Home

  • Unique: It’s YOUR place (vs. a beautiful public place).
  • Comfort: There’s nothing like the comfort of one’s home. Shooting there will make you relaxed.
  • Privacy: No random people photobombing your shots and/or making you feel awkward.
  • Intimacy: Comfort and privacy lead to moments that are a lot more intimate than somewhere public.
  • Time Capsule: Your photos are even more significant because they capture your nest. Down the line, they’ll remind you of your shared past in even more special ways.
  • Daily Life: We get to capture your everyday life (cooking, Netflix and chill, shower  …)
  • Weather: No need to worry about weather.
  • Light: We are not limited to sunrise or sunset, as long as there is enough natural light coming through.
  • Outfits: So much easier to change into different outfits since everything you own is there.
  • Effortless: This one is for partners who hate taking pictures. Think of it like you’re ordering room service—you get the whole experience without leaving home!

Ultimately, home is where the heart is. And wherever that is for you, it is perfect.

Photography by UnderTheStars Photography
Makeup and hairstyling by Elaine Soo (Louvre Bridal)
Bridal gowns by Louvre Bridal
Flowers by Ana Hana Flower

singapore wedding prewedding photographer

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