Fang How + Bridget // Pre-Wedding by Lawrence

Celebrating Fang How + Bridget

I always meet really lovely people in this line of work, but every now and again, I meet a pair of lovers who are extra special. Fang How and Bridget were two such people. Not only were they sweet, and incredibly in love with one another. Photographing them and building a relationship with them felt nothing like work. These two are nothing but kind, generous, understanding and considerate. While I don’t expect our clients to think of my needs often, these two always kept that at the forefront of their minds when chatting with me, making sure rest is ample, and never in a single way rushed me for their photos – it honestly just made me want to work all the more harder for them, and give back to them all the love they showed me.

Fang How and Bridget, I have nothing but love for you both. It is couples and clients like yourselves that remind me why I love photographing people, and fill up that cup of joy that often goes empty in busy periods where I feel like everyone is tugging from every corner. I hope you are both enjoying waking up next to one another as Mr and Mrs now, and loving every bit of newly married life. I honestly hope that we will cross paths again, and thank you for sharing your beautiful love for one another with my camera, but more importantly your golden hearts and souls with me. I am the blessed one from our time together.

Hope you love these images as much I do! :)

Pre-Wedding photography by UnderTheStars
Gowns by Digio Bridal


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