Rob + Ashley // Couple

To start, I should note that this isn’t a pre-wedding photography session. Instead, it’s what I like to term as a ‘sweetheart’ session. Who says you need to be engaged or married to celebrate and document your love in photos!

Here’s a sweet little session against the Singapore skyline, something not often seen. Plainly because Singaporeans would rather choose a background which is less urban and more green, which gives an overseas feel. Growing up in Singapore, a urban concrete jungle, most of us would love to have that kind of photos. However, Rob and Ashley are different from the usual couples that I took, they came from the States and living in Singapore for a few months now. Rob is from Boston and Ashley a New Yorker. They met in the university in Boston and currently working in Singapore. It’s really amazing, that I have the absolute fortune of meeting wonderful people all the time in my line of work. Perhaps there is no need for me to mention, evidently from the frames, Rob and Ashley are incredibly good looking people with great big smiles that warm my heart and chased away the rainy clouds right on the spot! So, the couple requested to take some pictures at the Marina Bay, in front of Singapore’s iconic Marina Bay Sands (MBS) and the Merlion. It was a short but sweet shoot and the hour flew by so fast. I had such a fun time documenting their love for each other and capturing their unreserved kisses :D

Not forgetting, this shoot wouldn’t be such a breeze without Rebecca, who is such a great and lovely helper! I really need to credit her, without her, I would probably be worrying about my camera bag with expensive gears which I usually threw it around unattended. She helped to look after my things, carry the HEAVY bag around, assisted me and the couple, and she can take really nice pictures too. Remember to check out her website!

I hope you enjoy looking through this session as much as I enjoyed shooting it! :)

Photography by UnderTheStars
Assisted and second shot by Rebecca Ou
Venue at Marina Bay Sands

pre-wedding photography

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