Yuki Ng


Not all love stories come to a happy ending. Yuki’s love story is one of those. I’m not going to pen down what happened in her teary past, but rather, I would like to share something good, something extraordinary about this young lady in her present journey towards a better life.

Yuki has been a long time friend, a friend whom I never met before when our paths crossed more than a decade ago. Other than both of us having the same surname, her birthday coincides with mine on the 20th August.

Her relationship broke down some time earlier this year and like most people, she broke down too. While good times don’t last sometimes, likewise to bad times. What I admired about her is in a short span of time, Yuki quickly picked herself up and turned her sadness into positive energy to help herself and others who are in similar situations. From blogging about her experiences to offering help to other victims, she also devoted her time and herself into charitable works. Other than helping out physically in the charitable organisations, she became a professional blogger contributing any source of profit from her blog to the charity as well.

This is where my role comes in. She needed pictures for her new blog, something to show her new self, much like a Phoenix reborn and obtains new life by arising from the ashes.

Yuki’s blog: IamYuki
Makeup by Xara Lee
Gowns by Love Potion
Wardrobe by Wonderloom

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