WY + Cherry // Vineyard at HortPark


Wedding Photography by Lawrence

wedding photographer hortpark vineyard

HortPark is nestled within the verdant greens of Singapore’s Southern Ridges. This is a place away from the bustling city. It is here that lies the perfect venue for Cherry and WY’s beautiful and intimate solemnisation. Amidst this lush greenscape is the charming and rustic Vineyard, a French-Italian restaurant. It is where the couple hosted their lovely dinner reception for their distinguished guests. How wonderful!

HortPark isn’t just the ideal venue for solenmnisation. It features tranquil, green surroundings that will set the mood for love. Undoubtedly, it is simply great location for a couple photoshoot session right before the ceremony. In addition, merely a stone throw away is another highly rated outdoor location, the big open and hilly field in front of Canterbury Road. This spot has always been a very popular photoshoot location for wedding couples and families. It absolutely has the overseas vibes. For that reason, I brought Cherry and WY, and their bridal entourage for a memorable shoot.

Finally, as the sun dipped closer to the horizon, setting behind the tall trees, it was an indication to head back to the solenmnisation venue. Meanwhile, the couple’s families and the guests were all ready. Cherry and WY exchanged their touching vows and rings on the patio overlooking the sunset. Its tangerine rays beautifully accented by a long reflecting pool. Following the JP announced both of them as husband and wife, they kissed.

Congratulations Cherry and WY!

Let nature be your witness and embark on your journey of marital bliss amidst the gorgeous greenery and charming setting.

wedding photographer hortpark vineyard

Wedding photography by UnderTheStars Photography
Solemnisation at HortPark’s Patio
Dinner venue at Vineyard at HortPark

wedding photographer hortpark vineyard

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