WT + JX // Four Seasons Hotel Singapore


Wedding Photography by Lawrence

singapore wedding photography

About 4 months ago, in November 2023, an unfortunate incident occurred to me that most wedding photographers loathed. To make matters worse, two of my hard drives failed on me instead of one. They contained my previous and precious wedding works. Yes, they are past works but I still treasure them like my own wedding photos.

As a wedding photographer, I always believe in backing up and archiving the wedding images. This is crucial to ensure their safety and longevity, and my commitment to my clients to safeguarding their valuable images. I have multiple backup strategies in place, including both local storage (internal and external drives) and cloud-based solutions. Call me overly cautious, but this is how committed I am to this undertaking.

So I was recovering the hard drives, I came across WT and JX’s wedding images. Wow! It felt like a blast from the past. Their wedding felt like it just happened yesterday except that it took place eight years ago. At present, this year is my twentieth year in the Singapore wedding photography industry, hence WT and JX’s wedding didn’t feel like a long time ago.

I have not previously presented their wedding highlights. However, here are their beautiful moments from the past, better late than never.

Wedding photography by UnderTheStars Photography
Venue by Four Seasons Hotel Singapore

singapore wedding photography

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