Why Is Photography Worth The Money?


Being a wedding photographer is an excellent and rewarding profession, but it is a demanding job and can be very difficult at times. It requires many skill sets, which makes it a challenging job that requires a good compensation for the work. Here are 8 qualities wedding photographers must have to do well in their job. You will then understand why good wedding photographers in Singapore have a benchmark sum for their work!

1. Technically proficient.

As in all other types of professional photography, shooting for weddings requires a masterful understanding of camera-work. A wedding photographer also need to have all the necessary equipment in order to ably adjust to any conditions, such as dark locations, mixed lighting and bad weather. This can be attained through research, by working as an apprentice, and constant practice.

2. Able to work around people.

Naturally, everyone wants the photos to look great. The problem, however, is that not everyone will make this easy during the time of shooting. Some people will be incredibly difficult to catch, others have reactions or poses that don’t look well on photographs, while others still are just plain unresponsive. A photographer’s main tools are his camera and personality.

3. Shoots well under pressure.

After the bride and groom, it’s probably the photographer who is most tense during the wedding. It’s a job for him, and he has to be constantly on the move to get great shots, all the while thinking of creative ways to get more marvelous photos. A photographer has to capture all the beautiful moments, at the best settings possible, with a limited time.

4. Maintains a flexible schedule.

Photographers shoot on the weekend (sometimes for up to 12 hours) while the weekdays are spent dealing with various tasks that come with the job. Apart from meeting with clients, a wedding photographer also has to edit and process the photos, design albums, perform admin work, take other projects on the side, and manage the promotion of his works.

5. Good at handling finances.

Only a portion of his fee actually goes to a photographer – the majority goes to his equipment. A good wedding photographer shoots with 2 full-frame cameras using pro-grade lenses. That alone already costs a lot. But photographers still also have to pay for the insurance of his equipment, the computers and programs needed to process the photos, plus the studio rental and other fees.

6. Have a high capacity for stress.

Real photographers are passionate about photography, which is why its common for photographers to become absorbed with their job and forget to take care of themselves. This leads to physical and mental stress. Doing wedding photography carries the constant risk of burning out.

7. Continues to learn and develop.

Knowing the basics of photography and the tricks to get beautiful shots are essential. But to actually make a name in the field, a wedding photographer has to find his own unique style and still be able to come up with original, creative ideas. To stay relevant and in demand, he also has to keep track of current trends and incorporate it on his own brand of photography.

8. Have a varied set of skills.

Today, a wedding photographer should be able to do more than just shoot. To get a larger market, he also has to be good at retouching (yes, photo editing is indispensible nowadays), visually creative (many people prefer processed photos), internet-savvy (or, at the very least, has a blog and accounts on Facebook and Twitter), and business minded.

Being a wedding photographer is no easy task in Singapore. Photographers are also artists who like to be appreciated for their work and creativity in producing beautiful images for their clients. If you love a photographer’s work, send him an appreciative gesture like a thank you email or card! It goes a long way, and many wedding photographers in Singapore value the praises of their clients after delivering a job well done.


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