Top 8 Favourite Locations for Family and Maternity Photoshoots

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locations for family and maternity photoshoot

Ever since the start of the COVID-19 pandemic, most of us, especially with families, are stuck at home. With overseas trips cancelled or delayed indefinitely, our best getaway is probably having a staycation. But even so, many of us are still concerned and not sure what can we do to entertain our kids. How about a family photoshoot during these times?

When it comes to family photoshoots, it is not uncommon for parents to rely on indoor options, such as within the confines of a photography studio. It is much easier to watch over your little ones when in a safe, comfortable and enclosed space. However, there are unique qualities in having your photoshoot outdoors that can’t be achieved within the four walls, giving outdoor photoshoots an undeniable charm.

Take your family photoshoots outdoors and let the touch of natural lighting and fresh air make your photoshoot experience a memorable one. Unlike shooting in the photography studio, the outdoor photoshoot has unlimited background options, from the blue waters to green grasses. Though it requires more coordination and energy, the final product is certainly worth the effort.

We decided to put together the images we have captured at our favourite locations for family and maternity photoshoot at a glance. So, just scroll down.

1. Gardens By The Bay

Gardens By The Bay is absolutely unrivalled as one of the most scenic outdoor locations in Singapore. Be it in the morning or evening, the spread of lush greenery, majestic Supertrees and the accompanying city skyline can make a stunning backdrop for your photoshoot.

If you are anxious that your children might get restless from the Singapore heat and humidity, or the occasional rainfall that might ruin the photoshoot, Gardens By The Bay is home to two fully air-conditioned domes, the Flower Dome and the Cloud Dome, that can help you achieve the same outdoor botanical effect. There are also kid-friendly spots within the attraction, such as the Children’s Garden and the Children’s Garden Café, perfect for you to extend your family photoshoot into a full-fledged family day out. 

2. Singapore Botanic Gardens

Before the opening of Gardens By The Bay, Singapore Botanic Gardens was truly an embodiment of Singapore’s “garden in the city” concept. It is teeming with flora and fauna all year round, giving the park-goers a surrounding tranquil. With luck, your photoshoot may even receive an unexpected appearance of feathery wildlife like swans and ducks.

Don’t forget to get a shot at the fairytale-like Bandstand pavilion. The whimsical atmosphere surrounding the structure has made it a hotspot for proposals and wedding shoots. It’s playtime and break-time when we head to the swings, take a seat and seize the opportunities to capture candid shots. Big trees that tower over you, a fascinating sight for your children and of course, running space in the fields.

There is so much to explore and there are different looks to photograph all within one location.

3. Lorong Halus Wetland

The highlight of this location is the Lorong Halus Bridge. It links Punggol Waterway and Lorong Halus Wetlands. The brick-red bridge stretches over immense beauty, which provides a beautiful background for your photos. Its meandering and unique geometrical structure will also make it easy for you to try unique poses and ideas for your family photos. It is in the wetlands where you will find coastal vegetation that adds an aesthetic effect to the entire place.

5. Universal Studios Singapore

Universal Studios Singapore (USS) is a place known by many. A theme park located within Resorts World Sentosa on Sentosa Island, it features 28 rides, shows and attractions. If you and your family fancy something fun and exciting, then USS is the perfect location for you. Moreover, this place offers different backdrops for your photos. It is a unique place to do your photoshoot due to the quaint and intimate vibes the location has to offer. With various themed locations inside the park, you are definitely in for a fun photoshoot experience.

4. MacRitchie Reservoir

Not far from Upper Peirce you’ll find MacRitchie, Singapore’s oldest and most loved reservoir. Offering up hectares of landscaped grounds along rustic forest trails, MacRitchie offers an array of photogenic locations to suit every taste. For serenity as the sun sets stick waterside, or to really immerse yourselves in nature, explore the forest trails and witness the wilder side of MacRitchie.

6. Upper Peirce Reservoir

Upper Pierce Reservoir has an incredibly idyllic setting for a photoshoot of any types. The lush greenery is reflected in the waters set against the woodiness of the tree trunks and ground, making the entire place rustic picturesque. The cone shape and low branches of the beautiful Casuarina trees that line the waters also naturally frame the photos while you and your love ones take a quiet moment to embrace.

With plenty of shades offered by the tree canopies, your photoshoot is not as hot as you might think. Find yourself a shady spot under the trees by the water bank and set up a picnic mat. Enjoy your photoshoot as you immerse in your family picnic at the same time.

7. Upper Seletar Reservoir

Upper Seletar Reservoir is located very near to Upper Peirce Reservoir. It is another reservoir park that many people love to visit during the weekends, either for fun or workout. Since the famed Instagram tree in Punggol Waterway Park was felled in 2015, the ‘Seletar Wedding Tree’ in Upper Seletar Reservoir has risen up to take its spot.

Not only is the backdrop of the Casuarina tree against water remarkably serene and picturesque, but also the two benches on either side of the tree allows for a large variety of possible poses.

8. Home Sweet Home

Your home could be the best location for a photoshoot. Foremost, without stepping out of the house, you do not fret about waking up late for an early morning photoshoot. You do not worry about forgetting to bring certain things. And you do not have to carry many bags of props that you prepared.

Also, kids feel comfortable in familiar spaces, and hence they will offer photographers more smiles. Photographs in personalised spaces are much more meaningful. And since you are at home, you also have access to unlimited props from the kids’ playroom.

Bonus Location – Jurong Lake Gardens

With so many good locations for family and maternity photoshoot, I would like to recommend one more recent addition, and that is Jurong Lake Gardens.

Jurong Lake Gardens is Singapore’s new national gardens in the heartlands. It is a people’s garden, where spaces will be landscaped and created for families and the community to come together. It has this mildly hilly area that is covered in a sea of lalang and tall grass tufts, making the perfect dreamy backdrop for family portraits.

As we all know, most kids don’t like to pose for the camera and they get restless pretty fast. With a huge playground and water playground, the children will be rewarded after their photoshoot.

Previously, I shared 5 outdoor locations that you can savour moments together with your partner. Check them out as these are nice locations for family and maternity photoshoot as well.

Saw somewhere that you like? Which of these locations is your favourite, or where do your family hang out? Share with us the location you have in mind for your next family photoshoot and we can make it happen for you. We’re just an email away. Contact or WhatsApp us to discuss.