Smile Is As Bright As The Sunshine

smile is as bright as the sunshine

“A flower cannot blossom without sunshine, and man cannot live without love”

It’s towards the end of the year and you pretty much guessed it that wet weather is one of my main concerns. November rain has always been generous and it had been raining continuously for that few days. I did this shoot 6 days ago and the night before, lightning was flashing just like how my camera flash would lit up the whole ballroom, and my sleep was accompanied by the rain throughout.

I didn’t exactly pray for good weather but the sky was so clear when I woke up. Good sign. Keep it that way, I was thinking, which really did. The sun was shining brightly with the morning getting a little bit too hot for comfort. Shoot went smoothly, we tried a few new things and most of all, the pictures turned out really great!

Showing one of my favorite pictures, all because her smile is as bright as the sunshine.

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