Melvin + Winny // Barker Road Methodist Church & Shangri-La Hotel


Celebrating Melvin + Winny

I get asked by quite a number of couples if I offer two wedding photographers package or if I bring a second photographer with me when I photograph their wedding. I also usually get asked if two wedding photographers are really necessary. To be honest, I love to have a second shooter with me at every wedding. Sure, there are times when a second shooter isn’t necessary or feasible (and it’s almost always cost-related), but ideally having one around is recommended. Why? I’m glad you asked.

Having a second photographer allows me to be in more than one place at the same time. On a wedding day, most of the times the bride will be getting ready in her house while the groom gets ready in his own house. I will start off from the bride’s place while the second photographer will be at the groom’s place capturing him getting ready. During the ceremony, it’s wonderful to have two different views and perspectives of everything that happens. While I’m photographing the bride walking down the aisle with her father, my second shooter can focus on the groom waiting eagerly at the end of the passage. Who wouldn’t want both of those photos?

Second photographer can focus on details while I worry about the big picture. I rely on my second shooter to capture many of the detail shots throughout the day when timing is really tight, but I also rely on them to help keep an eye on things that shouldn’t be in the picture. Ideally, I’d notice those things as well, but two pair of eyes are always better than one pair.

A second shooter provides backup in case something get missed. I’m not just talking about the kiss. I’m talking about all of the moments that are constantly happening at the weddings. Family members who haven’t seen each other in years sharing a laugh. Little kids being little kids. Ridiculous friends doing ridiculous things. Hugs, smiles, tears. They happen all day long. They can’t all be photographed, but with two photographers around, the odds are pretty good that the big ones won’t be missed.

Second shooters are like an insurance policy. Unfortunately, no matter how much we plan and how careful we are, sometimes bad things can happen. A car accident, memory card failure or broken piece of gear at just the wrong moment are the nightmares for wedding photographers. With a second shooter, the risk is greatly minimized. Personally, I only work with second shooters who are full-time photographers and who I would trust to shoot the entire wedding as if it were their own. That way, if something bad happens *touch wood*, you’ve still got a legit photographer who I know and trust with you who can make the magic happen!

Let’s bring the topic back to Melvin and Winny’s beautiful wedding. I got Linny to shoot alongside with me and just take a look at all those wonderful moments captured by us! Linny’s photos complement mine and the whole series feels so complete, like not a moment has been missed. Tears had been shed many times throughout the wedding, by the couple themselves and by their parents and friends. I’m so glad we caught all these loving and touching moments which I believe will touch Melvin and Winny’s hearts again when they look back at their pictures in time to come.

Wedding photography by UnderTheStars (Lawrence + Linny)
Wedding videography by Octopus Wedding
Venue at Barker Road Methodist Church and Shangri-La Hotel

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