Matheu + Glenda // Wedding by Lawrence

I’m here to share with you, a really special day that I got to step into, immerse in, and preserve forever in images. And more importantly, share about just how beautiful these two souls are, Glenda and Matheu. Yes, Glenda Han of the Workers’ Party. The wedding that has been receiving much attention on the internet lately.

There’s just something magical about small intimate weddings that just capture my heart. I know weddings come in all forms, sizes, and types, but it’s the small ones that involve just the closest of family and friends that really give way to what makes weddings beautiful – love, joy, intimacy and closeness. Those are the things that truly make photos beautiful and shine.

Thank you Glenda and Matheu for having me as part of your journey. You could have chosen anyone from the hundreds of talents out there that you know, so please know it was a HUGE HUGE honor as your photographer. Bucket loads of love to you both. You’re an amazing pair together.

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