KP + Geraldine + Family // Jurong Lake Gardens


Family Photography by Lawrence

family photography jurong lake gardens

I came back to Jurong Lake Gardens yet again for another family photoshoot. This time round with KP, who is my cousin, and his beautiful family of 3 little ones. After a few times of rescheduling due to the COVID situation, new Heightened Alert restrictions sprung up and the need to apply for a permit to shoot in an NParks’ park, we managed to secure this date which coincidentally happened to be Father’s Day. Such nice timing! The online application can be found here.

Previously, I mentioned doing a family and maternity photoshoot in Jurong Lake Gardens in one of my posts (Top 8 Favourite Locations for Family and Maternity Photoshoots) and I also did a recent shoot with Melvin and his family over here in March. There are a few things that I observed while shooting here recently as compared to the past and I think it is good to share with families who are planning to shoot over at this location too.

Firstly, there are many short barriers fencing around turfs of grasses everywhere to prevent people from stamping on the grasses and impeding their growth. While the fences are there, they aren’t really unsightly. For me, I just need to carefully compose my pictures to have them out of the frame.

Secondly, more man-made foot trails are appearing, especially on the grassy knolls. Inevitable, I guess. Everyone loves to be at the top of the world!

Lastly, the lalang appears to be scanty, probably not in season. I just did find an interesting fun fact from Nparks website and contrary to popular belief, the grasses are not Lalang. They are grasses from the Pennisetum family, specifically, they are the Swamp Foxtail.

So, what matters most to modern fathers? Their families of course. Especially in times like these, where our priorities become so clear. They may be busy working men with huge influence, power and responsibility but ask them what is most important to them and they will say their families.

Fathers are so important not just traditionally as providers but as a model for their children to emulate, the person who provides boundaries, who sets a moral compass for them.

And modern fathers also get to participate more in the daily lives of their children. Whereas a generation ago, fathers didn’t help out with bath time, meals, and organising the children’s activities. They are now not only able but also expected to participate fully in their children’s upbringing.

This is why a Father’s Day photoshoot is a great way to celebrate what matters most to them.

Family photography by UnderTheStars Photography
Location at Jurong Lake Gardens

family photography jurong lake gardens

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