Kevin + Ash // Couple Shoot


Casual Couple Photography by Lawrence

Casual Couple Photography

The long-awaited and first blog post of the new year 2022.

It has been a lengthy hiatus from some time before the last quarter of 2021. With the constant changes to the SMM guidelines, many weddings and photoshoots were planned pretty last minute. Thus, when the rules and restrictions were being relaxed towards the end of the year, we have seen more couples getting married and more families doing photoshoots.

Which leads to my very busy year-end schedule and the very heavy post-editing workload. But hey, no one is complaining.

During this period, this lovely couple, Ash and Kevin, came to me for casual couple photography. Interestingly, both of them aren’t from locally. Kevin is from Hong Kong whilst Ash is from Malaysia, and fate brought them together while working here in this little red dot. Due to the pandemic, none of them has returned to their home country to visit their families. Missing home, they were eager to share a piece of good news with their families — Kevin’s recent proposal to Ash! So they decided to capture their love and have the photoshoot planned at a location that clearly tells of their romance in Singapore.

Before I end this post with their loving photos, I would like to thank Ash for being an avid reader and supporter of my blog posts. It warmly fills my heart with great joy and comfort when she revealed her liking to reading my posting. Probably she is not the only one, I hope not. Maybe there is more out there like her. For those who have been following my works, I will strive to write and post more often. This will be my new year resolution.

Casual couple photography by UnderTheStars Photography
Photography venue at Merlion Park

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