A Big Thank You for a Major Milestone!


Who would have thought just a few short years ago, 7 years to be exact, that I would get out from my comfort zone, quit my stable high-pay job to become a full time wedding photographer. Future was uncertain but fueled by passion, I became a member of 36frames. In it, I grew and honed my craft, and I’m suitably humbled and awed that I won some international awards along the way. I’ve made some great friends in this ever competitive industry, who shared and taught me the ropes of the trade. Many of my past couples and hundreds of folks I would have never known if not for the power of social media, became my friends and fans.

Now, it is time for me to embark on a new journey, a major milestone as I called it. With this rollout of my own company, it’s a testimony of what I’ve learned about myself, my profession and my craft. Hopefully, I will get continuous support from folks like you to visit here for just a few minutes of enjoyment and inspiration every now and then.

Summing up, YOU are the reason I photograph, share and display my vision of my arts and from the bottom of my heart, I thank you all.


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