Gary + Yoshimi // Private Dining at Capella Hotel


Wedding Photography by Lawrence

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Yoshimi, as her name suggested, came from Japan and has been living in Singapore for a long time now. Months before her wedding, she decided to go back to Japan to spend some time with her mother who is staying alone in Tokyo. While she was away, Gary took on the responsibility to prepare for the wedding. He was attentive, he was thoughtful, and he was meticulous so that Yoshimi need not have to worry about the wedding preparation.

So why did I say Gary is thoughtful? He asked me to develop some prints for his mother-in-law before she flew back to Japan after the wedding. It was very rushed indeed and the moment I handed them the prints, they were so grateful and kept thanking me profusely. Definitely put on a wide smile on my face that day. I was really glad that I made that happen and Gary’s mother-in-law can bring back some tangible memories with her back home.

singapore wedding photographer

The beautiful Yoshimi wore a cheongsam gown from Giorgia Couture on her wedding day. Like porcelain, the gown exudes elegance. So much so that Gary could not take his eyes off her. I’m not even exaggerating, just check out the photos below.

Gary and Yoshimi celebrated their wedding in a very private and intimate manner with their esteemed guests. Hence, for this series of photos, I am omitting their guests due to privacy reasons.

Nonetheless, this is a joyous occasion and I was truly honoured to be a part of their special day.

Okay, it’s time to scroll down for the pictures. Cheers!

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Wedding photography by UnderTheStars Photography
Wedding gown by Giorgia Couture
Makeup and hairstyling by Ann J of Dream Makers Make Up
Venue by Private Dining at Capella Hotel

singapore wedding photographer

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