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Post-Wedding Photography by Lawrence

Post-wedding Photography

Every cloud has its silver lining as the saying goes. It has been months since the start of the pandemic and for that, the wedding industry experiences a major slowdown. The future indeed seems bleak and grim, with many wedding professionals struggling for survival. However, recently on the news, Government has decided to ease the measures and increase the capacity limits for wedding receptions. From October 3rd, up to 100 attendees will be allowed to attend wedding receptions. This is up from the current limit of 50 and this is very good news!

Post-wedding photography, or in some cases, couple portraits happening on the same day of their wedding and solemnisation, are increasing in demand during the recent years. More so during this Covid-19 period. It has became popular and I could think of two reasons. Firstly, the bride gets to wear her actual bridal gown for the photoshoot. The wedding couple just has to hold on to the gown 1-2 more days before returning it. Secondly, having a photoshoot on the same day has more significance.

Eric and Junie’s intimate solemnisation happened in the late morning at the beautiful Flutes, which was followed by a lunch. I posted their solemnisation photos earlier a few weeks ago, you can view them here. After each and every guest gave their heartfelt congratulations to the wedding couple and departed, I brought the newlywed for a photoshoot at the National Museum before we headed to East Coast Park. With smiles and laughter, Eric and Junie truly enjoyed the session, and so did I.

On the last note, inquiries and photography assignments are starting to stream in, albeit slowly. This is such a positive sign that things are progressing back to normal. Beneath the layer of physical exhaustion comes a real sense of achievement and gratefulness, that my clients placed their faith in me to work on a craft which I’m truly passionate about. My priority is to take great care of my clients, letting them know that I am here to make their wedding day special.

Post-wedding photography by UnderTheStars Photography
Photography venue at East Coast Park

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