Eric + Carole // Singapore Botanic Gardens


Pre-Wedding Photography by Lawrence

pre-wedding photography singapore botanic gardens

The second post of the three-part series. You can check out the first post here. This is like a mini-series, not overloaded with tonnes of pictures and then slowed down the loading in the process. With fewer pictures, I feel that one can slowly take their time to admire the craft and the beauty within the images, which the couple and myself had spent so much effort trying to create. Moreover, I categorized the post by the location that we shot in. In this manner, my prospects or even other photographers can easily search and reference these pictures when they want to use that location for their shoot too.

This part of the Botanic Gardens was our next location to shoot. Initially, I had this location scheduled as the first, but as always, plans don’t stick. Mother Nature knows best and I can only work around it. After some googling, this part of the garden is known as the Evolution Garden.

There goes the misty forest feel that I wanted in the early morning. Nevertheless, we had a tremendous time shooting under the coverage of the tree’s canopy in a nice and cooling weather after the heavy downpour. I believed Evolution Garden has only been opened up, which is probably why the lack of people exercising and sightseeing here, in contrast to the busy crowd in the gardens central. The lesser the people, the better it is, for me and for the couple. No awkwardness, no intrusive stares from the passers-by, and certainly no need to photoshop away people from the background.

Beyond doubt, this is going to be my new favourite place to shoot and I will be bringing other couples to this cool location.

Pre-wedding photography by UnderTheStars Photography
Gowns and suits by Bqueens Wedding
Makeup and hairstyling by Joyce Yeo Makeup
Photography venue at Singapore Botanic Gardens

pre-wedding photography singapore botanic gardens

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