Danny + Michelle // Solemnization by Lawrence


Celebrating Danny + Michelle

The small, yet intimate crowd surrounding the two on that sultry tropical day, applauded warmly. It was then that he gently put his hand behind her back, pulled her in close to him and their lips pressed onto each other. It was their first kiss as the newly minted husband and wife. Both smiled with their eyes gleaming with affection, and at the same time both fully immersed in the realization and appreciation of that moment. It was palpable. You could tell that they were delighting in the sweetness of the love shared and the love shown between them.

And I could see it. My eyes never leave them. He would quietly clasp her hands when no one would be looking. It was sprinkled across the intent gaze of pure tenderness that Michelle gave Danny when he was giving his vow. It was laced in between the spontaneous embraces he would give her. And it was clearly evident, when his ear-to-ear smile did not leave his face, from the moment he walked down the aisle with his bride til the last pair of feet were ushered out that day.

Thank you for sharing your beautiful solemnization with me, Danny and Michelle! It was such a joy to witness such a small and intimate wedding, see the real laughter, the real tears, the real embraces, and the real moments unfold between just you and your closest family members. Much love!!

Enjoy my favourite pictures from Danny and Michelle’s big day, who had a gorgeously elegant and intimate celebration at this beautiful Japanese-French fusion fine-dining restaurant. Their taste was impeccable!!

Wedding photography by UnderTheStars
Venue at Lewin Terrace

wedding photography

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