Clarence + Megan // Royal Albatross


Wedding Photography by Lawrence

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This day had been a whirlwind of emotions for Megan and Clarence, especially Megan.

Surrounded by their beloved families and relatives and warm congratulations from attending close friends. A sincere, heartfelt and touching speech from her significant other. I could feel the myriad of emotions swirling inside Megan.

The corners of her eyes dampened as water began to collect at the bottom lid of the eye. Many times she could tilt up her head just to hold back the tears. One thing led to the other, a stream of hot tears rolled down her powdered cheeks uncontrollably throughout the day.

Yet she was smiling, giggling and laughing away to the elation and jubilation that were lingering in the air.

I have been in the wedding photography for 18 years and never have I felt such intense emotions and strong affection. It really warmed my heart even after this while as I posted this set of sublime pictures. Although most of these pictures appear unglamorous (Sorry Megan if you are reading this post), these raw feelings and endearment are such a joy to share.

This post shall serve as a reminder for the couple that they are surrounded by so much love as they reminisce over these images. Particularly for Megan who I doubt she can remember these moments when she was behind her teary eyes most of the time.

Thank you for having me as your wedding photographer, whereby I can experience such love first-hand.

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Wedding photography by UnderTheStars Photography
Makeup and hairstyling by Aulifo Libli
Venue at
Royal Albatross

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