Aschkan + Stacy // Sinfonia Ristorante


Wedding Photography by Lawrence

Wedding Photography

“Will you meowy me?”

So what do you get when two cat-lovers get married? A purr-fect wedding! Goodness gracious, I just had to laugh at myself for being so lame! I need to, just to keep my sanity and positivity in check, after surrounded by all the sad news in these unprecedented times. And which is the very reason why I’m sharing Aschkan and Stacy’s fun-loving and light-heartening wedding, that was impregnated with hilarious and jovial moments.

I remembered that moment when Aschkan and Stacy were about to slice the wedding cake and Stacy almost broke out into tears. Not only the cake was such lovely made, but it was also designed like a cat. It just felt so wrong to cut the cat, isn’t it?

On a serious note, Aschkan and Stacy’s wedding is perfect. Packed with so much warmth and fun, lots of laughter and love, this is one cat-themed wedding that I really enjoyed. In fact, this is my first one-of-a-kind wedding to take. From the fabulous feline details to honour the couple’s love for kitties, to the day filled with loop of loves, there wasn’t a moment in time that I had the chance to put my cameras down. Not that I’m complaining, but on the contrary, I was excited! So watch out and be patient with the tonnes and tonnes of photos below.

I love cats and I love weddings. It is just so brilliant to incorporate cats into weddings. It’s like one of my favorite things ever. So hopefully this series of wedding images can inspire you to have your pets be part of your wedding day as well, because let’s be real… they’re not just pets, they’re our children, our family. 

Wedding photography by UnderTheStars Photography
Makeup and hairstyling by Ling’s Palette
Venue at Sinfonia Ristorante
, Victoria Concert Hall